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For quality commercial cool rooms in Auckland

For when you need it kept cold
Ideal Coolrooms Ltd build and supplies a range of commercial cool rooms in and around the Auckland area. We supply commercial fringes, walk-in cold rooms, mobile cold rooms, and freezers from both indoor and outdoor use.  


Over the years Ideal Coolrooms Ltd has designed and build just about every type of commercial cool room imaginable. It it keeps goods cold, we've probably built one. This experience means that you get a high-quality product, every time. Great cool rooms at highly competitive rates is our goal at Auckland's Ideal Coolrooms Ltd. 


Ideal Coolrooms Ltd gets the job done quickly, but while maintaining quality workmanship. Whether you're remodelling your business or building from scratch, our team will construct your commercial cool room in no time, so your other contractors can get on with their jobs sooner. 

Great advice

We have a range of options available, to suit a range of budgets. if you're unsure as to the size of coolroom your business requires, or which type of cooling system to use, simply give us a call in Auckland: one of our friendly team members will be happy to give solid, reliable advice. 
fish kept refrigerated in a cool room
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